Thrash Session 8Jul2012

Warm Up:

400m Run or Row

D.R.O.M.S (Dynamic Range of Motion Stretching)

2 Rnds

25 yards Frankenstein Walk

25 yard High Knees

25 yard Lunges

25 yard Karaoke or Tapioca

25 yard burpee broad jump (Remember do not jump 6″ in the air and clap above your head, substitute the broad jump)

Rest about 30 secs

1 min Planche

then  roll into 30 second right hand side planche

then roll into 30 second left hand side planche

then 45 second regular planche

Burgerner Warm Up


Weight Training: Back Squat

This is the most basic movement you must master to be successful in CrossFit so please use proper form. If you established your 1RM already you will know the exact weight to use. If you don’t have it, now is the time to establish this.

Proper Squat Form

Rob Orlando, Dave Lipson and David Millar doing squats

Start out at 65% of your 1 RM and work up to 85%.



The Work Out:

FOR TIME: 5k Run or Row


2 minutes Max Effort Pull Ups

2 minutes Max Effort Burpees


Skill Work:  L Sit Hold

5 rounds of 30 seconds hold

The L – Sit Progression Courtesy Gibson Athletics


Cool Down:

400m Jog

Static Stretching (Stand by for video coming in a week or so)

Roll out with a foam roller and lacrosse ball

Ice down your sore joints


Scaling: There is no scaling! Run as fast as you can like Zombies are chasing you!


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