Thrash Session 29July2012

So today start’s a field coverage that I will be doing until the end of August. As my service comes to end, I am simply in a support status. My command is very supportive of work that is required for the show, but at the same time still need me to contribute as we are generally short handed anyways due to funding. So please be understand be patient. Believe me, I will still be getting some work-outs in.

Warm Up:
800m Run or Row/ 1000m Aerodyne or Watt Bike
10 Good Mornings
10 Frankenstein Walk
10 Samson Stretch
10 Lunge/Elbow to the groun
10 Reverse Lunge w/ twist
10 Pass Throughs
10 Overhead Squats
Burgener Warm Up

Weight Training: Back Squat 4x4X4X3X3X1X1
Sets of 4 @ 75%
Sets of 3 @85%
Sets of 1 @98%


Speed/Endurance Training:
Dot Drill
5K Run, Row or 7K Bike

3 rounds for TIME
50 Double Unders
40 GHD Sit Ups
30 Push Ups
20 Pull Ups
10 Ring Dips
Followed by 3 minute MAX EFFORT Box Jump

Skill Training: L-Sit/L-Pull Up
3 X Max Hold of L-Sit or current level of progressio
Cool Down:
400m Run
Static Stretching
Roll out with a foam roller and lacrosse ball
Ice down your sore joints

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