Thrash Session 25August2012

So here is the workout from yesterday! I had plans of posting it early but babies, the bank and chores all got kind of in the way.I also had to clean the house, go grocery shopping, wash the baby and tend to a wife so goes life! I love being a father and husband so that’s where my time goes and somethings must come second! Like this blog : )! I like to remain loyal and keep everyone in the loop but I got an 8 week old who is full of love and needs it back!

Warm Up:
400m Run
10 Stationary Caterpillar’s with push ups
20 Reverse Wall Balls
10 Wall Balls for max height
10 Air Squats
Burgener Warm Up

Weight Training: Front Squat 1X1X1X1X1
Set of 1 @ 90%
Set of 1 @ 93%
Set of 1 @ 95%
Set of 1 @ 98%
Set of 1 – NEW MAX

WOD: 3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
10 Hand Stand Push Ups
10 Dead Hang Pulls Ups
10 Floor Press 135lb men/ 95lb Women

9:17 was my time so have at it!

Cool Down:
400m Run
Static Stretching
Roll out on Foam Roller/Lacrosse Ball
Ice sore joints

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