Thrash Session 24July2012

Every do a work out and be like man what was I thinking? That would be yesterday for me. The Front Squats were easy! I did my first 4 sets of 3 at 185 and my last sets at 235. The METCON was then a lil doozy and I set my clock wrong so I couldn’t keep time quite well. I hope everyone will start post some times soon, or even so feedback on how they like the programming or what they think about it, adjustments. Anyways, 

Warm Up:
800m Run/Row or 1000m AeroDyne/WattBike bike
10 Walking Lunges
10 Burpee Broad Jump
10 Frankenstein Walk
10 Good Mornings
10 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
10 Cats and Dogs
10 Hip Thrust
10 Dive Bombers

Weight Training: Shoulder Press 7X7X5X3X3X3X1X
First two sets of 7 @ 65%
Set of 5 @ 75%
Sets of 3 @ 85%
Set of 1 @ 95%


Speed/Endurance Training:
Dot Drill

Resistance Sprints 50 meters
5 Facing Forward
5 Facing BackWards

or 100M Sprints or rower w/ 10 sec rest in between X 10

Work Out: 13 min AMRAP
5 Box Jumps
7 Hand Release Push Ups
9 Knees to Elbow
11 Squats

Skill Training: Muscle Ups

Cool Down:
Run 400m/ Row 500m/ Bike 800m
Static Stretch
Roll out with a lacrosse ball or foam roller
Ice down Sore Joints

*Use Resistance Bands as necessary*

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