Thrash Session 17July2012

Yesterday my workout went well! I didn’t quite do as well as I wanted but so goes it and that is why we do work daily. I hope everyone is taking a rest day at a schedule that works for them. If you haven’t liked my Facebook or you aren’t following me on Twitter, the tabs to the left feature up to date feeds from both as well as my YouTube Channel, so check it out! Enough about the social media and lets get on with this workout.


Warm Up:

800M Run or Row


2 rounds

10X single unders

10X alternating legs( also known as high knees)

10X cross overs (crossing your arms as you jump through the rope)

10X skiing (jumping side to side)

10X double unders (if you don’t have your double under yet, do two single unders and then attempt to speed up your wrist speed and get 1 double under)

10 PVC Pass Throughs

10 OHS = Overhead Squat

Burgener Warm Up

Weight Training: Overhead Squat
Overhead Squat Technique from CFHQ

Work up to your 3 rep max and hit it twice.



Speed/Endurance Training


10 rounds of work for 1 minute jog for 30 sec.



7 Rounds For Time

10 Wall Ball

5 Push Jerk

10 Knee to Elbows


Then Tabata Sit Ups

8 rounds

20 secs of work

10 secs off

-Goal is maintain starting number throughout


Cool Down

400M Run or Row

Good Static Stretch

Roll Out with Lacrosse Ball/Foam Roller

Ice sore joints


– Wake up and repeat

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  • Talon

    Hey guys! The work-out went we’ll today! I went up to 155 on which probably wasn’t my 3RM but my form was a little iffy so I went back to the PVC. I was slow on the workout with 13 min 10 seconds! My knees to elbow were killing me and the wall ball target is awkward, so I’ll fix that! I also had 12 reps for the Tabata Situps! I hope everyone did well! Post some numberos or videos!

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