Thrash Session 16July2012

The true test of these workouts starts tomorrow morning! I am going to be doing some testing for a brand new program here soon. It is not a work out program, but work out tracking program so I will need some committed people to help me and this great program out. We are really going to put it to the test and give some good feedback. It’s a relationship that I am looking forward to starting and continuing. This product is revolutionary and something I believe in. So if you want to be one of the first to participate in this program let me know!!
Warm Up

800M run or Row


2 Rounds

25 yard Walking Lunges

25 Burpee Broad Jump

25 yard Karoke/Tapioca

10 PVC Pass Throughs

10 OverHead Squats

Burgener Warm Up


Weight Training: Hang Cleans


Start at 85% and work up to 95% ending there at your last two reps. Perfect form should be kept though out. There were some form flaws with the performances I saw in cleans during the games. I have had the issue to, so we need to keep it clean and perfect this form.



Speed/Endurance Training: 400M/200M Sprints
4 rounds of 400m Sprint w/60 sec rest in between each round.
8 rounds of 200m Sprint w/60 sec rest in between each round.

Work Out:

12 Min AMRAP

100M Row

5 Toes to Bar

10 Deadlift


Cool Down:

400m Run or Row

Static Stretching

Roll out on foam roller or lacrosse ball

Ice sore joints down and relax



Operator ( 275lb deadlift/70lb KB men/ 175lb deadlift/53lb KB women)

Level 4 (Prescribed) ( 225lb deadlift/62lb KB men/155 lb/44lb KB women)

Level 3 (Intermediate) (200lb deadlift/53lb KB  men/ 135lb deadlift/ 35lb KB women)

Level 2 (Progressing) (175lb deadlift/ 44lb KB men/ 125lb deadliest/35lb KB women)

Level 1 (Beginner) (Whatever keeps your form legit!)







One Response To  “Thrash Session 16July2012”
  • Talon

    The Workout went great! I wish I could post the video of the workouts or portions of it!
    We have limited weights to work with at the gym right now. So I did the entire Warm Up of course. My weight loads went as such.


    The workout didn’t quite go as i planned. I was very slow on the deadlift. I got 5 rounds 5 toes to bar before which was pretty weak! Oh well that’s why we work out.

    I didn’t post a Skill Work and that was my bad on that. I did 3 rounds of 10 ring dips.

    Let me know how everyone did on this workout!

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