Thrash Session 11Jul2012

So apparently today they had the first CrossFit Games surprise event. I am cool with that and all but I really wanted to go watch. It was on Camp Pendleton and since I love CrossFit and am stationed there, you think they would have put the word out a little bit more so I could have helped out.  Either way I think it’s awesome and we are going to do some CrossFit Games inspired work outs today! I can’t wait to go to the games this weekend, get in some work-outs and watch the games go down. I am slightly out of shape as I have had a few days off! I am busy getting this site up and running as well being a new father. Babies need a lot of love and attention and I absolutely love my little girl.

So please

Warm Up:

400m Run alternating 100m forward/100m backwards or 400m Row

Jump Rope

2 rounds

10X single unders

10X alternating legs( also known as high knees)

10X cross overs (crossing your arms as you jump through the rope)

10X skiing (jumping side to side)

10X double unders (if you don’t have your double under yet, do two single unders and then attempt to speed up your wrist speed and get 1 double under)

D.R.O.M.S (Dynamic Range of Motion Stretch)

If you have a specific area thats bugging you, grab a foam roller or lacrosse ball and roll it out.

Burgerner Warm Up

Weight Training: Back Squat
If you don’t have your 1 round max use this time to get it. If you do have your previous 1rnd start out at 80% of that and increase weight
Make sure that you have proper SQUAT FORM first before you attempt to add a lot of weight! If you are  a beginner you need to learn this first before attempting to put heavy numbers. Keep your ego at home please! Here is a video from CrossFit on Proper Squat Form.
Work Out:
3 Rounds for Time
50 Wall Balls
30 Double Unders
10 Muscle Ups
This is a broken down version of the Open 12.4 Workout. Check out CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.4 Instructional Video.
Skills Work: GHD Back Extensions
GHD Demo CrossFit FireFighters
10X10X10X10X10 3 sec rest in between sets.

Cool Down:

400m Run

Static Stretching (Stand by for video coming in a week or so)

Roll out with a foam roller and lacrosse ball

Ice down your sore joints



Operator Level ( 24lb wall ball men/  20lb wall ball women)*

Level 4 (Prescribed) ( 20lb wall ball men/ 18lb  wall ball women)*

Level 3 (Intermediate) (18lb wall ball men/ 16lb wall ball women)*

Level 2 (Progressing) (16lb Thrusters men/ 14lb wall ball women )*

Level 1 (Beginner) (Comfortable weight wall ball)*

* If you don’t have muscle ups yet then either 1) use a band or 2) Do 10 Pull Ups and then 10 Dips to fill the requirement

**If you don’t have double unders than try and do 1 double under for every 2 single under. If you are having an issue with that than you must do 90 single under to equal those 30 double unders.




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