Thrash Session 10Jul2012

How is everyone doing today? I hope you all are ready for a fun work out! I would like to hear some feed back about how you thought the work out went and what were the toughest parts! Good luck, have fun and be safe. Remember proper form and quality of movement are more important than the amount of weight lifted. I am very close to getting the gear I need to start these work out videos so please be patient.


Warm Up

800m Run or 800m Row

D.R.O.M.S (Dynamic Range of Motion Stretch)

2 rounds

25 yard lunges

25 yard karaoke or  called tapioca (face both ways)

25 yard burpee long jump

10 PVC Pipe Pass Through’s

10 Over Head Squats

10 Cats & Dogs

If you have a specific area thats bugging you, grab a foam roller or lacrosse ball and roll it out.

Burgerner Warm Up

Today we are going to do  a little speed training instead of weight training and you will see why here shortly.

3 Rounds Of

400M Sprint/Row

60 sec Rest

200M Sprint/ Row

45 sec Rest

100M Sprint/Row

30 sec Res


Work Out:

Every Minute On The Minute Cleans

75% of Body Weight

Coach Burgener Clean Demo

Unless you are a Beginner(Level 1)  than you will do a very manageable weight.


Skill Work: Russian Twist & HandStand Hold

Russian Twist:

5 round of 20 with manageable weight

Russian Twist Demo


Hand Stand Hold:

2 X Max Timed Hold with a push up on every minute!


Cool Down:

400m Run/Row

Static Stretching

Roll out with a foam roller and lacrosse ball

Ice down your sore joints



There is no scaling today! Everyone can do all of these exercises and it is up to you what weight you use for the Russian Twist. This is skill work not weight work.




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