Official Talon Smith Operative T-Shirt

The Official Talon Smith Operative T-Shirt

So thank you for interest in Talon’s Operative shirt! As it states in the store it inspired by Talon’s military service and love of the United States of America. The symbolism of each of the designs and writing on the shirt is explained below.




– The skull is found on both the 3d Reconnaissance and 1st Reconnaissance Bn unit logo. Talon deployed with 3d Reconnaissance Bn in 2010 and 1st Reconnaissance Bn in 2011-2012. It represents the honor Talon had serving amongst Recon Marines, SARC’s, SOIDC’s and the insurmountable knowledge they passed to him although he was only an 8404.

– The red cross in the eye represents Talon’s job as a corpsman. The Red Cross was worn on the patches of corpsman during World War 2 but that didn’t last when the Japanese targeted them. For every corpsman they killed, they believed they also killed 10 marines.


“This too shall pass” represents one of Talon’s favorite quotes. No matter how bad something is at the moment, the pain will pass as long as you never give up. The three bullet holes represent pain, misery and suffering. Talon has this tattoo located on the inside of his left bicep.


– The cross is a symbol of Talon’s faith which kept him safe through his deployment to Afghanistan.

– The snakes wrapped around the cross represent part of the caduceus which is worn on the shield of Fleet Marine Force corpsman. At one point in Iraq, there was a 10,000(in Iraqi money) reward for acquiring a shield of a killed corpsman.

– The crossed M4’s represent Talon’s primary weapon throughout his service in the military


Never Forget – Represents 9/11 and to NEVER FORGET the sacrifices of the men and women who have given their life in service of this great nation. The flag is in the shape of the United States surrounded by Never Forget to represent remembrance as nation and that United We Stand. Talon has “NEVER” tattooed on the back of his left arm and “FORGET” on the back of his right arm.


– Operative represents Talon’s role on NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes as he is paired with boxing champion Laila Ali.

– The bottom reads Psalm 138:7 which is Talon’s favorite bible verse. It represents how God will deliver you from you enemies as he did King David. Talon attributes him returning home for deployment unscathed to be a blessing for God and gives all glory to Him.

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