The program is evolving

Hey! So this program has and does work for me, but as I start to continue on, I see improvements that can be made and certain aspects that I believe will reach a broader crowd! For example being more detailed on the lifting cycles, adding in an endurance portion. Not everyone wants to be ripped. I know my wife wants to be “cut” but not add mass, therefore instead of weight training there will be an optional endurance/speed training portion that you CAN choose to do at your will. I must tell you though that the strength training and WOD’s we do at the the high intensity will increase your endurance. I’ll do a piece on that this week on how but once again this blog is for everyone, so we want to make sure that we hit the masses on that. I will also be tweaking and adding more movements to our warm up. Not that what I have programmed isn’t good, it’s just I find doing the same exact kind of warm ups on a rotation and not specifically detailed (I.M.O) gets old. I will start posting videos here soon! Once again this is just the start! Soon there should be a video with every work out or two coming as well as videos running through the stretching with you. So keep thrashing and know I am working on my end to give you a high detailed and effective product! Even though this blog is free, I want to make sure we are changing lives out there and having fun while doing it!

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