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Thrash Session 16July2012

The true test of these workouts starts tomorrow morning! I am going to be doing some testing for a brand new program here soon. It is not a work out program, but work out tracking program so I will need some committed people to help me and this great program out. We are really going to put it to the test and give some good feedback. It’s a relationship that I am looking forward to starting and continuing. This product is revolutionary and something I believe in. So if you want to be one of the first to participate in this program let me know!! Click here and thrash away!

Thrash Session 15July2012

Today is the last day of the CrossFit Games and I am a huge fan of a lot of the athletes but there are a few things in life before CrossFit. God, my family and friends. With that said today this is posted late because my wife and I took our daughter to church, had a family lunch and then went shopping. In case you don’t know my wife was pregnant for 5 months while I was deployed, let me go to a Korea just a month after I came back for a week to CrossFit and let me film Stars Earn Stripes for the last month of her pregnancy. Not to mention she knows that I wake up early for work so she lets me sleep and takes care of the baby every night! She let me go to the games yesterday, cooks me dinner, lunch and breakfast on the weekends. Not to mention she gives me and our daughter unconditional love which is absolutely priceless. The more I watch her with my daughter the more and more I fall in love with her. She is truly a blessing from God. So needless to say she deserves a little shopping time to get something nice for herself, so that is what we did. I, however did learn a lesson though and that is to have the work outs posted the night prior instead of the morning of. That way my east coast following can have the workouts first thing when they wake up. So thank you for being understanding, I appreciate the love and support and with that said  Click here to thrash!

The program is evolving

Hey! So this program has and does work for me, but as I start to continue on, I see improvements that can be made and certain aspects that I believe will reach a broader crowd! For example being more detailed on the lifting cycles, adding in an endurance portion. Not everyone wants to be ripped. I know my wife wants to be “cut” but not add mass, therefore instead of weight training there will be an optional endurance/speed training portion that you CAN choose to do at your will. I must tell you though that the strength training and WOD’s we do at the the high intensity will increase your endurance. I’ll do a piece on that this week on how but once again this blog is for everyone, so we want to make sure that we hit the masses on that. I will also be tweaking and adding more movements to our warm up. Not that what I have programmed isn’t good, it’s just I find doing the same exact kind of warm ups on a rotation and not specifically detailed (I.M.O) gets old. I will start posting videos here soon! Once again this is just the start! Soon there should be a video with every work out or two coming as well as videos running through the stretching with you. So keep thrashing and know I am working on my end to give you a high detailed and effective product! Even though this blog is free, I want to make sure we are changing lives out there and having fun while doing it!

CrossFit Games/Thrash Session 14July2012

I am on my way to the CrossFit Games at the home depot center today! I am so excited to be going to watch the best! Stand by for more blogs and pictures from what went down at the games!

So today’s Thrash Session is Games inspired again! Regional Workout 11.4 is the WOD today!

So click here to start getting Swoll!(It means swollen, aka ripped)

Thrash Session 8Jul2012

Warm Up:

400m Run or Row

D.R.O.M.S (Dynamic Range of Motion Stretching)

2 Rnds

25 yards Frankenstein Walk

25 yard High Knees

25 yard Lunges

25 yard Karaoke or Tapioca

25 yard burpee broad jump (Remember do not jump 6″ in the air and clap above your head, substitute the broad jump)
Find out the rest of the warm up, weight training and then time for a run

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