Thrash Session 15July2012

Today is the last day of the CrossFit Games and I am a huge fan of a lot of the athletes but there are a few things in life before CrossFit. God, my family and friends. With that said today this is posted late because my wife and I took our daughter to church, had a family lunch and then went shopping. In case you don’t know my wife was pregnant for 5 months while I was deployed, let me go to a Korea just a month after I came back for a week to CrossFit and let me film Stars Earn Stripes for the last month of her pregnancy. Not to mention she knows that I wake up early for work so she lets me sleep and takes care of the baby every night! She let me go to the games yesterday, cooks me dinner, lunch and breakfast on the weekends. Not to mention she gives me and our daughter unconditional love which is absolutely priceless. The more I watch her with my daughter the more and more I fall in love with her. She is truly a blessing from God. So needless to say she deserves a little shopping time to get something nice for herself, so that is what we did. I, however did learn a lesson though and that is to have the work outs posted the night prior instead of the morning of. That way my east coast following can have the workouts first thing when they wake up. So thank you for being understanding, I appreciate the love and support and with that said  Click here to thrash!

Work Out Three

Warm Up

800m Run or 800m Row


2 Rounds

10 Samson Stretch (5 each leg)

10 Catepillars

10 Cats & Dog’s

10 Spider Man’s

10 Scorpions

Burgerner Warm Up Proper Front Squat Form


Weight Training: 15 minutes to work up to 1 RM Front Squat (Your light 5 – 10 rep light weight warm up is included in this time. STRESS FORM and QUALITY OF MOVEMENT)

You must ensure you have proper form on the front squat! Feet shoulder width apart, weight on your heels, a big chest ensuring to maintain normal spinal curvature and rest the bar on the top of your shoulders, not holding it with strain on your wrist. Keep your elbows high literally almost choking yourself and get full depth (break 90). Drive your through your heels, keeping your knee’s out and you finish the movement by opening up your hips the entire way.

Work Out:



Ring Dips

Sit Ups


Rest 5 minutes

Skill Work: Develop Hand Stand Push up

5 sets of 5

You first need to be able to a proper push up, a “V” push up and work on loading your shoulders by getting your hips higher. Rather than type it here is a great video by CrossFit Paradiso on developing a handstand push up.

Cool Down:

400m Run

Static Stretching (Stand by for video coming in a week or so)

Roll out with a foam roller and lacrosse ball

Ice down your sore joints




Operator Level ( 135lb Thrusters men/  95lb Thrusters women)

Level 4 (Prescribed) ( 95lb Thrusters men/ 75lb  Thrusters women)

Level 3 (Intermediate) (75 lb Thrusters men/ 55lb Thrusters women)*

Level 2 (Progressing) (65lb Thrusters men/ 45lb Thrusters women )*

Level 1 (Beginner) (Comfortable weight Thrusters)*

* If you CAN NOT do ring dips, use bands as needed

* If you do NOT have the stabilization on the rings do bar dips, or chair dips! Full Range of MOTION is required.


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