September 11th, 2012

Eleven years ago today I watched the most horrific event take place. I don’t think anything I’ve ever experienced will have been more traumatic the events that took place 11Sept2001. Watching the planes strike, the fire burn as people are stuck on the top floors, people jump and eventually the collapse of the towers all in real time will forever be remembered. I’ve never felt more vulnerable in my life, nor had the nation experienced such vulnerability and insecurity since Pearl Harbor attacked. The following days videos of the family members who lost loved ones, recaps replaying the footage and stories of heroism among NYPD, NYFD and the innocent bystanders filled the television. Not being in New York almost made it seem surreal, no matter how many times they replayed it, I didn’t want to believe that this had happened to us. It did..

I can easily say it was at that moment that I knew I wanted to join the military. I wanted to go to combat and serve my country to get pay back for the events that took place. I wanted the terrorist and their supporters to feel the vulnerability and insecurity that I had, and ensure death to those who were responsible and those who threatened our freedoms. I know that isn’t Christian like to have that mind set, however watching the death of innocent civilians, nothing could have changed my mind. I did often pray for our enemies, that they persecute those responsible and hold them accountable and police themselves. I knew that it would not be the case, and America would once again send it’s finest to handle business as it has done time and time again. Better to fight an enemy thousands miles away than to ever have our country attacked again. I believed in this so much that I eventually enlisted. I wanted the personal responsibility of defending our country and our way of life. I am honored to say that I have served, however know that I haven’t done as much as others. To those who sacrificed their bodies, their lives and continue to do so I will always support!

I know I’m kind of rambling but today 11 years ago redefined my life. I will always be affected by the events that took place that day, not nearly as much as those who lost friends, family members, survived or were on site searching day and night for survivors. It will however be a memory that I have and a story that I share with my daughter, and her children so they might not forget what was lost this day 11 years ago. Along with the story of the tragic event, I will be sure to pass on them the stories of the courageous men and women of the NYPD, NYFD and the men and women of this country who volunteered to protect our freedoms. They will know the names of my friends who lost their lives, and the will surely thank any veteran for their service. Because days like today, should Never be Forgotten. The day we forget, is the day tragedy will strike again.

My prayers go to all who lost loved ones and friends in 9/11 and to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who are preserving our freedom!

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