Today movies aren’t quite what they used to be. For the most part they are recycled ideas from the past just with more vulgar and crude content to entertain todays youth. I have been disappointed by several movies lately and expected more from people that I once considered reputable actors. I personally think after filming movies with content as inappropriate and vulgar as they have done that an actor loses the respect of his fans. If I do continue film and television I hope to only to movies where I can look back and be like wow, I did not totally disgrace myself in front of the world.

So for you parents out there and me being a new parents who want to know exactly what content is in the movie check out Plugged In. It’s a Christian review of movies and will let you know exactly what you are going to see. That way you can avoid of exposing yourself or your child into trash that they are putting out these days.

Please note I do enjoy comedies and some of the content may be inappropriate. However, I think that there is a limit to what is acceptable and it can come to a point where it is distasteful. If it is with my wife or friends, I do not particularly mind it however I would never allow my daughter to watch it. I am in also no way trying to be a hypocrite were you can call me out one day and be like ohhh you told a bad joke. Believe me, I do and will but like I said time, place and appropriateness all factor into that.

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