Trip to Jamaica

Part 1: It’s time for a vacation

For those of you who have followed me from the show you know that my life has been pretty busy. My wife and I welcomed our perfect little angel Sienna into this world in June and have been non-stop. For anyone with kids of their own you can relate. Your entire world is dedicated to taking care of family. Their wants and needs are put before yours and all you men know that if the wife isn’t happy nobody is. With that in mind it’s easy to forget that every once in a while you need to take some time to yourself and not feel bad about it. On a daily basis that could be simply watching your favorite television show for an hour or if you’re like me you just work out. Sometimes it takes a change of pace and a break in the normal routine to just rest, relax and recharge. Jaime and I decided that we needed that.

Part 2: Couples Resorts aren’t just for the older folks!

When Couples Resort  was first mentioned the first thing that came to mind was a place that catered to older couples that would have cheesy pre-planned activities attempting to awkwardly force a romantic situation. The movie Couples Retreat with Vince Vaughn may have contributed to some of my initial assumptions that made me slightly hesitant to commit. Most of those pre-conceived notions were quickly dismissed when I took one look at the website. Maybe not every single one of them, but one look at the place and I just had to visit there. I continued to collect Intel on the place and the more I discovered the more excited I became about visiting there.

Part 3: Jaime and Talon Smith – That’s us!

Jamie and I arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica in the afternoon after about 9 ½ hours of flying. We had a 3 hour lay over so it wasn’t a bad flight and considering we were flying from Los Angeles, 6 hours isn’t so bad.

When we landed we were greeted by Club Mobay VIP services! We didn’t know what it was at first, and it was kind of awkward seeing our name on sign but we soon came to love it! They escorted us quickly through customs and got us the Couples Resort lounge! As soon as we got there they took our bags and escorted us to the bar where we got an ice cold Red Stripe. The bartender was super friendly and within 20 minutes we were on our way to Couples Resort Tower Isle in Ocho Rios( which is about 2 hours East of the airport)!

I have to admit that when they said we were going to have a 2 hour drive I was not excited at all, especially after all that flying. We got in the van and headed East. The driver had us listening to Reggae music and I have to tell you that the drive was not bad at all. The drive followed the coast the entire way it was gorgeous! It made the two hours go by a lot faster and was super relaxing.

Hair in the wind!

View on the drive to Couples Tower Isle

Part 4: Arrival and Toilet Paper

We finally arrived at Couples Resort Tower Isle and were greeted by a guitar player singing Reggae and a nice cold towel! It was just what we needed! The service was great at the front desk and we made our way to the room. When we got there I was absolutely in awe! We walked in the room was and it was nice, but a few things stood out that set it aside from any standard hotel or resort I had every visited before! First, there were towels that were folded on the bed that made a heart! It was a simple gesture but would set the tone for the experience. The view was the next thing that caught my attention. Through the double doors was a gorgeous ocean view. I literally sat on the balcony and just embraced it. It was almost at that instant I was able to relax, listen to the ocean and just forget whatever stress or worries I had back at home. I didn’t forget about my little girl though, but the small things that you sometimes let get to you, I just let go. After those little pleasantries I figured that was all the room had to offer and then I went to the bathroom. This is where it might get weird, but as I was reaching for the toilet paper I saw that it was beautifully ruffled. Maybe I am simple minded but wow, it blew my mind. They went the extra mile to fluff the toilet paper! I almost didn’t want to use it because it was that awesome. Low and behold that isn’t all that was awesome in the bathroom. The tissues were fluffed too. I was so excited but in a way sad to use those little pieces of paper that were so elegantly manipulated.

The Bottle of Champagne and the View

Part 5: The Island

After exploring the room and fully appreciating the artistic ability of whoever elegantly folded and fluffed the toilet paper it was time for me to explore the resort and attend one of their two daily orientations. I walked outside and it was absolutely breath taking! The Resort is called Tower Isle because of the island about 200-300m offshore that has a tower on it. I was very curious about going to the island and exploring until I learned that it was an au naturel beach. When I was 19 and carefree I would have swam out there and gone buck wild, but now as a father, husband and 1000X more conservative, there was no way I was going to hang out in the wind. If rocking a birthday suit to avoid tan lines is your thing than definitely take advantage of the opportunity. In case you can’t swim they have a shuttle that runs back and forth until 5pm. One young man in a wedding party did actually swim out there at 1 a.m. or so I am told and hung out with a bottle of champagne and not much else. I give a bravo to that guy and thank God because drunk night swimming isn’t the best idea. I may or may not know from experience.