Jamaica – Part Deuce

Part 6: Orientation and the rest of the Resort

This is one of the four restaurants  Couples Resort Tower Isle has to offer! At night they have live music and dancing here!
Hotel in the morning!

I am not big on going to hotel orientations. Once again it seems like a very awkward thing where they ask you who you are and all the ice breaker type stuff with people you know nothing about. This happened to not be the case! They kept it brief and simple and kept it about educating you on all the activities and opportunities the resort offered. Just in case you were curious the resort has 4 restraunts, 4 bars to grab alcoholic beverages, including a swim up bar and a 5th bar, the Veggie bar for smoothies and healthy snacks. Although I will say I didn’t eat anything close to healthy, I thoroughly enjoyed the tasty Sweet potato chips. I would say they even beat out those amazing banana chips that you get at Porto’s in Burbank, CA

The resort in the morning as the sun rises! It’s beautiful!
Resort in the morning!



Part 7: Discover Scuba Diving

I have had the opportunity many of times to get my PADI Open Water certification but consistently procrastinated. My dad has urged me for a long time, including when I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan but I always found an excuse not to do it. As a result of my stubbornness I missed diving in Thailand, the Phillipines, Guam, Hawaii and Singapore. You divers out there know that those locations happen to boast some of the most beautiful and best diving locations in the world. Unless I become a movie star I will most likely not have the chance to dive those locations again.  After seeing the water in Jamaica and having the opportunity to finally dive I was not going to let it pass. I went to the dive shop and Douglas, the main instructor worked out a schedule with me to make it happen. The first day we did all the basic skill work in the pool and then headed out for our first dive.

I have to admit that although I am super comfortable in the water, I was nervous for my first dive. I’ve been down deep free diving in Okinawa and even accompanied a friend down to 40 feet on a breath hold in an attempt to spear a white tip reef shark. Bad idea because that shark we thought was only about three feet ended up being about 5 and was really pissed off. Anyways, as I descended down to depth all the nervousness went away. It came pretty easy to me and I immediately fell in love with the experience.  During my first dive, I did have a kind of gut check. As we rounded one of the reefs I was all about 5 feet away from a barracuda. At first I had a response that anyone would have, “Wow, that’s an awesome barracuda” and then it sort of hit me. “Dude, that’s a barracuda and it’s looking right at me like I’m lunch”. I stayed calm and as it goes for most sea life it won’t bother you, if you’d bother it. If it did try and eat me though, I fully planned on punching it in the nose just like you would a shark.


The rest of my three dives would be just as amazing. My final two dives I will always remember though because that’s when I dove a sunken World War 2 minesweeper. It was sunk for tourism several years ago and wasn’t lost in combat, however that didn’t take away from the experience.  We weren’t allowed to go explore inside the wreckage. It took all of my discipline not to go in there and take a look at what creatures could have hanging out inside, so kudos to me for actually following rules. If you do happen to go to Tower Isle or any of the Couples Resorts I recommend you take advantage of their diving. You get 1 dive for free on the resort as a part of the Discover Scuba Diving Program and if you do want to get Scuba Diver or Open Water certified through PADI, they also have those programs for prices you won’t see in the states and I’m guessing anywhere in the world.

Diving sunken World War 2 Minesweeper! Yes, that is the Captain Morgan pose!
Captain Talon