Jamaica – Part 3/4

Part 8: Couples Resort Sans Souci 7th Anniversary Masquerade


  After my first day of diving Jaime and I headed to the masquerade ball to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of Couples Resort San Souci. San Souci is a property down the road from Tower Isle. San Souci is French for “no worries” and it was a very fitting name. They masquerade ball had a Venetian theme that we would later learn was inspired by the company that was hired from Italy to come over and renovate the hotel. They have a world renowned Casanova Restaraunt and a very famous Balloon bar that still boast their original name and design.


For all you men out there, you have to admit a masquerade ball isn’t something that you would normally jump and scream about attending. It would be one of those events to please the wife hoping to earn some brownie points to get yourself of the dog house.  If you are a young man reading this, and think having to work for brownie points ceases after you’re married, you couldn’t be more wrong. You will actually work harder for them because you find yourself taking a stroll to the dog house on daily basis. Maybe I’m only talking about myself but just saying.


Anyways, we stepped out of the van and were greeted by two women wearing beautiful hand crafted mask from Italy. They were handing out masquerade masks and I was instantly sad that I got the same one as my wife, but only for a second. I was thankful just to be able to attend my first masquerade.

Told you we had the same mask!
Told you we have the same mask

Then we entered the balcony that led down to the pool that would be the location for appetizers, cocktails and entertainment. I don’t think any words can truthfully describe how elegant the place was decorated. They have beautiful ice sculptures and pictures all around the balcony and pool deck with the perfect lighting that set a romantic atmosphere to share with your loved one.


We enjoyed our cocktails and appetizers on the pool deck as we watched the Jamaican synchronized Swimming team perform in the pool. They weren’t that synchronized but put on a nice performance. The individual performers did amazing, they just had a little trouble when all four were going at it. I am not hating, because although I can swim, I know for a fact I couldn’t be synchronized with anyone and most likely would have hurt myself trying. Believe me, it looked difficult and I have a rule when it comes to things like this. If you can’t do it, don’t hate.



Part 9: Dinner and Surrender

After an hour or so of enjoying the romantic ambience, cocktails and several conversations with newlyweds and couples who were celebrating over 20 years of marriage alike we headed down towards the beach.  When we got to the bottom of the stairs I was shocked to see a breath taking set up. The lawn was set up with tables all over, a buffet line to the left and stage was placed at the front. This was the place where the real party began. After Jaime and I got our food we sat down and enjoyed our meal to live music from local bands. This is where things got kind of crazy. A very famous Caribbean artist named Tami Chynn took the stage and invited all the “diva’s” up to dance. Of course, I made Jaime go up… well because she is a diva! I’m probably going to pay for the last fact I just posted but it was totally worth it. Jaime danced beautifully of course and enjoyed herself.

The set up!


The next part caught me off guard but she called all the gentleman to stage whose beautiful women were dancing. I don’t remember if that is the exact order it happened but I remember going on stage thinking that I was going to get to dance with Jaime first. Boy, was I wrong! She said she wanted to dance with all the handsome men on stage. I looked at Jaime and told her “No way, I will not dance in front of everyone.” I’m sure every man on stage made that same statement and not because Ms. Chynn was unattractive, but because she was beautiful. The invitation was like bait in my eyes. Sure my wife is telling me it’s okay to dance with her because she wants to show how cool she is when in fact she is testing me to see if I will actually do it. If I were to do it, boy would I be in trouble, but if I didn’t than maybe I would score a few more brownie points. Well, I must have over thought that entire situation because Jaime literally pushed me up there. Ms. Chynn made me introduce myself and then we started dancing as she sung. I spun her a few times being sure to keep my distance. Even though Jaime pushed me up there, I knew that it wasn’t permission to go get all crazy. So just about the time I’m getting comfortable dancing Ms. Chynn goes, “now this is how we dance in Jamaica” and turns her back to me and gets relatively close. That was game over for me. I immediately put my hands in the air as if to surrender and pointed to my wife. I don’t quite know if every man would have handled that situation the same but I knew better. Ms. Chynn in no way shape or form was attempting to fully grind on me or dance inappropriately. I know my wife didn’t perceive it that way, but to me the only women that I will dance with in that manner, even with the amount of distance between us, is my wife. Ms. Chynn got a nice laugh out of it, as did everyone in the crowd and pulled my wife over. I was immediately relieved as Jaime and I began to dance as we normally do. We finished the dance to the song but what we didn’t know is that we would be labeled the “dirty dancers” by some couples who were watching us get our boogey on.

Ms.Chynn trying to show me how to dance “Jamaica” style”
Trying to get me in trouble!

Dancing with my wife after a near death experience
In the safe zone!


The evening carried on as Jaime and I danced a couple of more times. The music, food and company we shared were great. I have to admit that my first masquerade party was a great one. The work the staff put into was unbelievable and truly made for an experience that I will never forget. This wouldn’t be the last anniversary party I had the opportunity to celebrate. The next night was the 35th Anniversary of Couples Resort Tower Isle and Jaime’s birthday. It sounds like a dangerous combination, because it was.


Part 10: Couples San Souci


Jaime and I woke up the next morning, her quicker than I full of excitement. It was her 24th Birthday and she was in Jamaica. I can’t tell you how many times she said “Talon, guess what?” and I of course to humor her would say “What?” She would then say “It’s my birthday” at least four times while jumping up and down.


Later that afternoon we headed over to Couples San Souci for a little tour of the premise so we could see the entire property and not just the area where we enjoyed the masquerade party.  We arrived and started our tour and immediately you could tell this property had an entirely different personality than Couples Resort Tower Isle. Speaking to several of the repeat guests who have visited all of the resorts confirmed our beliefs about just how different the atmosphere at each of the properties were. San Souci seemed to be a more romantic, relaxed resort than Tower Isle. The reason I say that is because of how more spread out the resort is and all the small little areas that you can sneak off to and be away enjoying the view with your loved one.


There we witnessed beautiful huts nestled in the side of the cliff surrounded by the natural habitat where couples could be massaged. We learned about Charlie’s Spa who offered these massages and how it was named after a Green Sea Turtle who was rescued off the beach after the hurricane who she was named for. She was placed in the mineral spring and lived there for over 58 years. Her shell still hangs over the mineral spring with a memorial plaque in her honor. The mineral spring she lived in supplies water to a pool near by and individuals can enjoy a swim in it.


We then met a parrot by their veggie bar who did not like Jaime and I. The bird was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed getting our picture taken with her.  We also learned that in two previous bond movies had been filmed there. “Live and Let Die” starring Roger Moore and “Dr. No” starring none of than the great Sean Connery. The hotel even has a Roger Moore suite that you can rent out.

The set up!


The property offered multiple pools including one with a swim up bar and all the same activities as Tower Isle. It was beautiful. I found it interesting that they had a catch and return fishing lake on the property inhabited by a lot of turtles and a blind duck. You all know me by now, and I couldn’t resist making jokes at the ducks expense.


During this tour something interesting happened to Jaime as we briefly toured their Sunset Beach. This happens to also be the au naturale area of the property and this time they walked us straight onto it. I’m sure you know where this is going haha. So Jaime and I walk on the property and the tour guide is immune to what is happening in front of us. My eye sight isn’t so great but I could make out a gentleman on a beach chair facing our direction with his leg up. Jaime’s eye sight is just fine and she wasn’t spared from that sight. This is in no way meant to be derogatory towards anyone. If that’s your thing, more power to you, but when you are seventy years old and letting it hang free (as Jaime could tell you) it isn’t a sight anyone is begging to see. Thank God I forgot my glasses and contacts. I digress..


We finished the tour shortly after Jaime’s eyes were violated and then headed to lunch at one of the resorts restaurants. When they tell you a resort is all inclusive, they mean it! I must have gone back for 3 servings of their Jerk Chicken Enchiladas and Pot Roast. They were both cooked to perfection and tasted amazing.


I must tell you the property is very beautiful. Beyond walking the property I don’t know what it’s like to stay there. Just as everyone raves about Tower Isle, those we would speak to the following day who were blessed enough to stay on San Souci, highly recommended it.