Independence Day

Today we get to celebrate Independence Day from the safety of our own homes while men and women continue to serve abroad defending our freedom. Honor them and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice throughout the years so that we could remain a sovereign nation and not be ruled by tyrants or communist. I challenge you to read the Declaration of Independence, look up men who lost their lives serving and if you have the opportunity to thank a veteran or active duty service member, do it. I know I’m personally thankful to be home with my daughter, wife and parents in this free country and be sitting on this couch typing this blog when I could be away from them. So Thank you God for the brave men and women of this country past, present and those who will soon serve. Thank you for this Country and may we use You as our guiding light to restore this country to what it used to be and that we may stray off this dark path we are stumbling towards…

Just incase you want to man up to the challenge and the read Declaration of Independence. <– Click it and it will take you to the US Government Archives.



(This is where I would upload a badass picture but the website is being a big baby so I can’t.)




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