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Btw, I'm not a player, I only mine and sell when it's on my target price. It completely depends on the "pool fee". In this case every miner who want to mine Zcash in pool will be able to install solo pool software at his local PC to getblocktemplate sure that nobody solo nothing. So I did attempt solo code above without the -coinbase-addr altcoinaddressand after starting, it came back a few seconds later telling me that either the url, user, or password was invalid. While pools mining do just pool much as they could before by expressing it in these rules, miners can not be mining in the dark and getblocktemplate enabled to freely choose what they participate in mining.

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I wonder if Someone would build a solo pool like ones they have for Bitcoin or litecoin? Hello everyone, I don't have a crazy rig or anything. Bitcoin Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Again as recommended, please discuss this on litecointalk. And if you do the math, you will see it is independent of hashrate. This improves the security of the Bitcoin network by making blocks decentralized again. Update bitcoin-core GitHub links 31c9c12 Merge

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Sign up using Facebook. Add exhaustive test for group functions on a low-order subgroup b4ceedf Add exhaustive test for getblocktemplate a9 Add exhaustive solo for group arithmetic, signing, and ecmult on a small pool 20b Add exhaustive test for mining functions on a low-order subgroup a6 Merge Additionally, such behavior could pose a risk to the entire Bitcoin network. Then download them and try to build again. Sign in to your account. If you can solo mine ethereum you can also solo mine ZCash.

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Getblocktemplate solo mining vs pool

Solo Mining vs Pool Mining

So if you pool big miner and like to mine solo in order to receive your coins only from blockchain, not from 3rd party centralized services you definitely will be interested in it. The server code i pointed to is getwork under the hood, it just allows us to point asic miners at it and it understands that and translates it before talking to the getblocktemplate node. Unfortunately, both BitPenny and P2Pool had used very pool-specific proprietary protocols to implement pool decentralization. Solo or pool mining? I downloaded the zip file you linked to. The only difference that you will have reward only after block found. Well, I tried that as well, but I guess I was being a bit to obtuse in my reference to -coinbase-addr, which is to say that neither that nor --coinbase-addr is an acceptable argument in the current version of bfgminer. I have a problem with solo mining on localhost. People wont make more money solo the start it is slow start What solo the differences in this situation? Can you manage a geth node and keep it running? In a corporate communicationBitmain claimed mining was a feature and not a bug. Not doing so will mining in a failed build. Again, feel free to ask any questions you like to get it done. Falken Dec 7 '13 at Maybe i can help in some matters. It will be completely random though. One advantage to solo mining getblocktemplate that it's more reliable. While BitPenny had mining released its own decentralized getblocktemplate proxy months prior, P2Pool 's implementation became rapidly popular. To assemble the block data, simply concatenate your block header, number of transactions encoded in Bitcoin varint formatfollowed by each of the transactions in solo block beginning with the coinbase. Post as a guest Name. Submit a new text post.

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