Happy Veteran’s Day!

First and foremost I want to say Happy Veteran’s Day! My family has a long history of serving this great nation and am very honored to have the privilege of serving as well. I hope everyone enjoys today and remembers why we are able to enjoy our freedoms. If you see a vet give them thanks! Here is an awesome video I found and thought I would share. I understand it is slightly cheesy at some points but the morals and principles are spot on.

Next I wanted to tell you the website is getting a whole new make over to include new content and videos!I am waiting on audio gear to arrive next week. My goal is put out a quality product and we can all agree that distorted or low audio is a huge no no! These videos will start everyone from day 1 and continue to progress everyone so that they are capable of doing any workout that is thrown at them.

Thank everyone for your patience. I have had to hold back a few times because I want to give a quality product and not something that is rushed too quickly. I think you all will appreciate it more!

I hope everyone is enjoying Veteran’s Day! God Bless!

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