Happy Labor Day!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say Happy Labor Day! I hope you all are enjoying your day off but please remember that the troops overseas aren’t taking a day off. I remember on Thanksgiving eating my dinner out of a to-go plate in the back of a MAT-V getting ready for a 6-8 hour convoy up to the Patrol Base! I was lucky to even get a meal because most of the troops out working didn’t have that liberty! So be thankful for the time with your family! God Bless those guys!

Tonight @ 8pm/7pm Central is the finale of NBC Stars Earn Stripes! Laila and I are off the show but I hope that you still watch these awesome celebrities and operatives battle it out for Veterans Charities! We really appreciate the support!

Here is a video so we don’t forget why we are allowed to enjoy today!

Work Out: REST DAY! Enjoy time with family and friends..

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