Fun Today 6September2012

Today I didn’t get to post a Thrash Session either! I got home late last night after attending NBC’s PaleyFest! I then woke up early today and took off to the Disney Baby Store Grand Opening! It was amazing! Disney did a great job honoring the military wife’s today Operation Shower! It was great! They then lets us go shopping! It was also great to see Stars Earn Stripes host Samantha Harris there!

My wife and I then headed over to the VH1 Save the Music Lounge at the Ritz Carlton where Xbox, Coca Cola, Le Posh Salon just to name a few. It was so awesome! Le Posh Salon gave us both some awesome back massages and it was my first one since Afghanistan.

Throughout all this I am trying to maintain a blog, Facebook, twitter, set up 3 charity events, start acting again, fulfill my commitment to the US NAVY while being a good father and husband. My wife and family has been ultra supportive but I am going to be 100% honest that it is not easy! This is a lot of work, but I feel that it will provide a good life for my family if I am able to get my acting career back. That doesn’t mean I am simply putting all my eggs into this entertainment basket it just means that I want to take advantage of every opportunity that I am given and believe me Mark Burnett, Dick Wolf and David Hurwitz have given me an amazing opportunity to start off where I left off before I joined the military. This opportunity has also given me the ability to use my position to give back to all the troops still serving and who have been wounded or sacrificed their life for this country. I am forever grateful to the entire Stars Earn Stripes casting, crew and cast for the entire experience and hope we can do it again.

Anyways although it is difficult, it is totally worth it and I wouldn’t change anything in the world unless I ever felt that it was affecting my marriage or taking away from my honor and responsibility of being a father. I will have more current work outs for everyone starting tomorrow and come up with a system that works allowing me to give you all the best workouts possible while doing everything that I need to do for my family and for my charities!

God Bless,

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