First WorkOut

So I hope you did the Base Line Test! If you want to know if you did good comment, and I will get back to it and let you know if you did well. We will always be building on that base line, but be developing a lot of form first before we get to the lifts, but it is important we establish your 1 round maximum rep so we can apply this to power lifting and olympic weightlifting programs.

So more about me, I started out doing CrossFit main page and CrossFit endurance with NO coaching! I developed bad habits in my form and it is much harder to break them now, than it would have been to develop them in the first place. If you DO NOT know how to do an exercise, then DON’T do it. You can and will hurt yourself. Please do whatever you need to do to either receive coaching or develop your form before getting yourself hurt.

First Actual Workout

Well here we go with the first work out to be posted on the site.

Warm Up:

400M run or 400M row

Dynamic Range of Motion Exercises ( will post video soon)

2X 25 yard lunges

2 X 25 yard karaoke or  called tapioca

2 X 25 yard burpee long jump (Do a burpee and then instead of jumping up from a static position jump as far as possible and repeat till you reach destination)

Burgerner Warm-Up ( This is an olympic lifting warm up that you must master before you even attempt to add weight. It takes two minutes to do and it’s benefits are huge. This will almost be a daily ritual as Olympic Lifts are a large portion of CrossFit and create a lot of power and strength.)

Article on the Burgerner Warm Up

Video on Bergerner Warm Up

Weight Training:

Back Squat


Increase weight after every set.  Try and establish your 1RM and right that down.

Work Out:

5 rnds for time

100m sprint

5 burpess

10 push press

15 sit ups

20 air squats

100m sprint

Rest 5 mins


Cool Down:

A post work-out cool down is very important and will be more detailed as time goes on.

400m slow jog

Static stretching (will post video of  post workout stretching  soon after)

roll out with foam roller/lacrosse ball

ice down at home any sore joints



Scaling will follow a model I learned from Oceanside CrossFit

Operator ( 155lb push press men/ 110 lb women)

Level 4 (Prescribed) ( 135lb push press men/ 95lb women)

Level 3 (Intermediate) (95lb push press men/ 65lb women)

Level 2 (Progressing) (75lb push press men/ 45lb women)

Level 1 (Beginner) (55lb push press men/ 35lb women)




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