End Of Watch

Hey everyone! So I know the “Thrash Sessions” have fallen behind! I really do apologize for that! I am super busy as you know, but I will be more vigilant. The gym will be here shortly and you all will have videos and all that good stuff finally! Anyways, one of the reasons the blog has not been updated was due to the premiere of END OF WATCH.

The movie is starring Jake Gyllenhal and Michael Pena. It was amazing! It totally captures the relationships between those who serve. Rather you’re in the military or law enforcement you develop this bond with these men and literally become brothers. You become like family and rely on each other when situations get pretty hairy. Sometimes, having them beside you is your only security..

Director David Ayer did an absolutely fantastic job in the film. I was 100% thoroughly impressed. The moments that were captured were simply amazing. I later found out that Mr. Ayer was a Navy man like myself, except he was a submariner. I could crack jokes about that since I’ve spent my entire time green side(with Marines) but I won’t. I have the utmost respect and admiration for those in the film industry who have served. Speaking of that if anyone reads this and knows Mr. Ayer, please tell him Veterans in Film and Television would love to have him!

I’m posting the trailer below. Much respect to those who are currently serving either on the battlefield in Afghanistan, or patrolling the streets of America, keeping us safe at night!
God Bless!

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  • David

    I can’t wait to see this movie. It looks very cool indeed.

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