Effective Programming + Diet = Beast Mode

Good morning! I am a little tired right now but thank God the baby only woke up twice 🙂

So I will start adding more information about the program as a whole. A big portion of this program requires you to be a on a well balanced, healthy diet. Some people do take supplements with this diet to essentially increase muscle growth and recovery. I can not say what supplements I use just yet but I want to recommended two diets that I have used. The first is the Paleo Diet or some refer to it as the caveman diet. I recommended not just jumping into this 100% and even use the 80/20 method. 80% of the meals and snacks eat strict paleo and then go ahead and have a simple carb in one of the meals. You can even apply this to a weekly habit, and I have found that it works best for me to eat 6 days strict and then 1 day have a cheat day. You will notice as time goes on that your cheat days will be more and more healthy and soon you will be Paleo. I, however have nothing to prove to anyone, so if there is something I want to eat and I have been pretty strict, and it isn’t to bad for me, I may eat it. This is more along the lines of being out at restaurant or a social gathering.  For more information on the Paleo Diet check out Robb Wolf Robb Wolf on the Paleo Diet and check out some Paleo Recipes.

The other diet is that I have used in the past is the Zone Diet. Here is an article from CrossFit that explains nutrition overall but goes into both the zone and paleo diets: Avoiding Metabolic Derangement and here are some actual Meal Plans from the CrossFit Journal that show you exactly how to follow the zone diet.

If you have any more questions, I am not a nutritionist but can help with some answers and will point you in the right direction until I officially get a certification. Remember that you can find a lot of information online or in a book so please do that before going to see a “doctor” who is just going to use information readily available to everyone.




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