CrossFit Level 1 Course

It’s obvious I haven’t posted a work out for a little over a week and the level 1 course is why! This is the introductory and required course to become a CrossFit trainer and if you so choose, to start an affiliate. You can find all over inter web plenty of people who religiously hate on CrossFit and have even said some demeaning remarks concerning the course. Not only has it been a goal of mine to become a level 1 trainer but I was also interested to see first hand of what all these people were complaining about.

Here is the basic information:
Cost:$1000 for non military/$800 for military.
Location: CrossFit USD(University of San Diego)
Course length: 2 days
Teaching techniques: Lectures and practical application
Class size: Right around 30
Coaches: CrossFit Legend Josh Everett, Nuno from CrossFit Invictus, KJ,Adam,Tom, Lisa Ray from CrossFit Flagstaff and Matt. I didn’t quite get everyones last names as I was viciously studying notes:
Focus: CrossFit foundations and methodology
Experience required:None
Training Tools: Level 1 training guide, course outline and PVC pipe.

Personal Note:

I have to admit I was super nervous showing up to this course. I am a regional athlete but I use this term loosely because I competed in Asia. That is not meant to be derogatory whatsoever because there are several amazing athletes who competed and destroyed me. I am simply saying that because CrossFit is still catching on and in comparison to the United States, Asia has fewer competitors and die hards. I did have to work my butt off to qualify and had I not been in the states, I would have been a spectator just as you like on Day 2 because of a disappointing first day of the competition. Anyways, being a CrossFit regional qualifier there is a sort of expectation that you will be mechanically sound, and as I soon learned in the day 1 practical application, I wasn’t as mechanically sound as I thought.

The Lectures:

Josh Everett who is a prior games athlete but renowned coach(He coaches the CrossFit USA team and celebrated a victory over CrossFit Europe last week) started the day with lectures. I was very impressed with how well he did just that. In most lectures you will see people falling asleep or lose interest in whatever is being taught. This wasn’t the case at all. He was very informative and kept things relaxed with is humor. I’m personally not an audio or visual learner but for whatever reason I was able to learn through Josh’s teaching.

The rest of the lectures throughout the course were the same. The entire staff was knowledgeable and could answer any questions thrown at them, or go into more detail if challenged. They exhibited confidence and professionalism throughout the course and was honored to learn from them.

Practical application:

I stated about I thought my form was pretty spot on. Let me tell you I couldn’t have been more wrong. I know I did have some errors in my form, I’m human, but not to the degree that was being pointed out to me. During the practical application everyone would start doing their “version” of the movement. If they noticed a flaw you would be called into the circle.  They took the time and genuinely gave equal attention and effort to everyone to help them improve. In no way, shape or form did they degrade anyone. They had the class participate in giving corrections and demonstrated cues that could be used on clients with similar form issues.These sessions were incredible and if I do have to say that there was an error in the course, it was not spending more time doing these practical applications with the coaches around. As tiring as holding squats got, it was well worth the knowledge that was being passed on.

The material covered:

Some of the complaints received have been based on the material that CrossFit teaches. #1 It doesn’t go in depth, #2 that is too little information that you need to be a trainer and the list would go on I’m sure.

Being objective does CrossFit give you everything in that course to start training people in CrossFit? My answer is yes! I am sure you are like “Dude, how can you say that?”. Well, I can say that because CrossFit taught the BASICS and Foundations of their programming which is exactly what the course states it does. It gives YOU the proper tools and information to develop a training program based on their methodology. It shows your what improper technique looks like, how to fix it and even uses students as an example of how two minutes spent with someone can totally improve the quality and safety of their movement.

The Level 1 Course very simplistic in that manner it taught but covers everything that you need to know or understand to make and create a successful program. The course doesn’t state “YOU WILL BE AN AMAZING CROSSFIT TRAINER AFTER YOU PASS OUR SEMINAR”. They do however say that now you have an understanding of what CrossFit is and you ARE CrossFit it is up to you to develop what you have learned through practice and other related seminars. And that’s the key, how much time are you willing to spend to become a better trainer and truly teach the principles you learned at the certification.

A little in closing:

I obviously enjoyed the seminar and pray that I passed the course. I personally think $1000 is very expensive($800) for just about anything but I believe it’s relative. I found it worth my $800 to attend this course and have absolutely no regrets from attending. Some who attend may feel the other way, but they may have had unrealistic expectations of what they were going to learn. With that said who knows, but I do know that the knowledge and understanding I gained over the weekend, not matter what the outcome was worth the money to me.

I do plan on taking more seminars and gaining special pieces of paper to say I’m a trainer. I have the goal of opening a gym one day but who knows if that will happen. I will be training my wife and continue to post Thrash Sessions that are based off of the CrossFit methodology but with what I believe works best for me.


Is CrossFit for you?

I know some people out there are still going to hate on CrossFit and that say that they’ve heard bad things. Granted injuries happen, no matter how many precautions are taken. I do however believe if trainers are sticking to a CrossFit method and principles of developing athletes than you will see fewer injuries. Don’t blame CrossFit if you had a bad experience at the box, try another gym or really reevaluate the effort that you put into or if you did indeed put too much effort in it causing an overuse injury.

So now that you heard about my experience at the CrossFit Level 1 Course I hope you give it a try, join a local gym, or finally build out a garage gym. CrossFit is for everyone and believe me when I say that I if I can do it, so can you.


I’m not nervous anymore…just saying..

Anyways here is Josh Everett totally destroying “King Kong”. Honored to have him train me this past weekend!

God Bless!

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