Couples Resort Part 4

I know it’s been over a month since my last post about Jamaica. I was so excited and have been to share the experience my wife and I have enjoyed. Since the trip and my third blog post two tragedies have occurred and I just needed some time away from posting.

With that said here is Couples Resort Part 4, final post about the trip Jaime and I took to Couples Resort Tower Isle in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Couples Resort Tower Isle

Part 11: Mystic Mountain

After our tour was completed at San Souci we met with our host and headed to Mystic Mountain. Once again when I hear certain words I immediately associate whatever that word is with the first thing to comes to mind. For example Rigorous is to fun, Beautiful is to my wife, Raging is to fun also and Mystic, well that isn’t a word that jumps right out and grabs my attention. When I think of Mystic I think of a minatour like creature in a magical world of lollipop flowers frolicking freely and playing with butterflies. I’m bad at assuming but I expected a sort of kiddie playground. Once again my assumptions made me look like a..well you know.

Before the trip we had heard about bobsledding in Jamaica! I know everyone has seen the inspirational movie “Cool Runnings” about the Jamaica Bobsled Team that made a surprise 29th place finish in the 1988 Winter Olympics. The movie wasn’t 100% accurate as we would later learn at Mystic Mountain. When we got their we were surrounded by a beautiful rain forest. We got our passes after doing a fun candid photo shoot(check out below).

We then told we were going to the top and head to the lift. This kind of threw me off for a second because they told us to pack tennis shoes so I expected to walk up a small hill and arrive at our destination. Yeah, if you haven’t noticed yet I’m wrong about a lot of things and Jaime can confirm that. We headed over to essentially what was a tree lift that would take use up a nice sized mountain over the jungle canopy while we enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the coastline. I have one recommendation for everyone though, use the restroom because it’s about a 15 minute ride to the top. It doesn’t seem to take that long because of the gorgeous view, but if you got to go, you go to go and that wouldn’t be fair to the people in the chairs descending the mountain.

Nearing the end of the chair lift ride

When we got to the top we immediately walked into a nice little area that had displays of Jamaica’s history. It talked about everything from the pirates, the bobsled team and even the famous rum distilleries. I enjoyed reading the history and trying to see if I could taste test the rum. It didn’t work out as I thought it would because those in charge of Mystic Mountain are genius for gluing it to the stand and making it just out of my tippy toe reach.

Jamaican Bobseld Team uniform

After my failed attempt to taste test the rum we headed over to the attraction I had heard about and was eager to try out. We got there and they had individual cars with a hand brake. You could go individually or you could attach two cars together and the lead car would be the driver. Jaime and I chose the latter and I held a camera during our little trip. As we started off very slowly I lost some of the excitement I had before. I wanted to fly down the hill immediately. It didn’t take long for all that excitement and then some to come back. We took off and were hitting corners at full speed. If you watch the video below you will see and even here me grunt as we hit almost every corner. I say it again, you will hear me grunt, similar to war cry and nowhere close to a scream.

The ride finished and we enjoyed a nice ride back up the mountain. Once we departed the bobsled we headed over to the zip line tour. We were greeted by the staff and given our gear. They gave everyone a hair net, including me. It was awkward but at the same time you didn’t quite know who wore that helmet before or what grooming standards they maintained. After I sucked up my pride and got all geared up the tour guides took us down and got us started on the course.

I’ve been zip lining before so I wasn’t scared. We had some in the group who had never zip-lined and I will say that was probably the most enjoyable part. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast but seeing grown women nervous and scream on a zip line was very entertaining. One really cool part about the zip line tour was they had an actual rappel set up. Most of you saw me on Stars Earn Stripes teach Laila how to rappel and know I am very competent in it. This one was set up differently and intended to be a straight drop down. They had a belay for safety of course but when they let go, they let go. I’d say a 25 foot straight drop that last nearly a second but was enough to get the blood flowing.

We finished our tour with another scenic ride down the Jungle Explorer and headed back to Tower Isle to get ready to really celebrate Jaime’s Birthday and Tower Isle’s 35th Anniversary.

Part 12: Anniversary Party and Where did my wife go?

Jaime and I arrived back at Tower Isle and had only a little while to get ready for the Anniversary party and her birthday. We finished getting dressed and headed up to the roof for cocktails. The roof isn’t a bar, they used the actual roof to set up an amazing appetizer, buffet and bar.

We arrived on the roof and they had a really awesome Reggae band playing. Once again, as we saw at, San Souci they had beautiful ice sculptures set up around the entire area.

When you peaked over the roof you were able to see the tables and stage, beautifully set down below waiting for dinner to be served. The chairs were carefully placed around an elegantly lit pool, creating a romantic atmosphere. I am well aware that I have used the word romantic many of times, but that’s because they are really good at what they do.

We finished our cocktails on the roof and headed down for dinner. They used their patio restaurant to set up the dinner buffet and once again Jaime and I were impressed. It was like dining at a 5 star restaurant, on the beach, and it was all you could eat. They had beef, chicken, duck, lamb and even sushi. I’m a huge fan of sushi and don’t just eat it from anywhere. I was skeptical like I normally am, but I still went for it. It was delicious! I went back for seconds and thirds.

After our amazing meal, we headed back up into the patio restaurant which had been successfully cleaned out and turned into a stage. They had another band playing live so we went in to check it out for a few, or for what I assumed would be a few. We met up with our host and I started chatting with them when I noticed Jaime had disappeared. Jaime does not drink by any means whatsoever. We never go out because of our responsibilities as parents so this was the one chance for Jaime to kick back, have a couple and have a good time. Well, let me tell you she did. As I was wondering where my wife was, the host pointed her out on the dance floor going beast mode. I mean she was dancing all by herself with a group of friends she had made and having a blast. You know that one Dane Cook skit where he states that when girls go to a club and just want to dance, they say “screw the guys”. This was that exact moment from the skit where Jaime must have been like, “Talon isn’t dancing so screw it because it’s my birthday!”

Jaime before all the crazy dancing!

I want to make this clear about the whole dancing bit since it may appear to be a trend that I don’t actually do it. I do dance and did dance with my wife multiple times during our trip. I however just wanted to relax and have some fun conversations. Jaime danced well without me, and just like at San Souci, it was the talk of the resort.

Part 13: Our last day

Our last day isn’t anything too crazy to blog about. We went swimming had some drinks and hung out with some really amazing couples in the hot tub for about three hours. We enjoyed the beach and everything the resort had to offer.

After our nice day in the sun and in the hot tub we had a nice dinner at the Bayside restaurant. This wasn’t our first meal there but let me tell you it was just as delicious and just as impressive as the first time we ate there. The food was prepared perfectly along with the always amicable made for a special evening that my wife and I could share with each other before heading back to our daily routine in California.

The next morning we woke up and got a nice couples massage at the Oasis Spa which is absolutely gorgeous. We finished packing out bags, and headed down to the bus to make our long trip home.

Part 14: Overall stay

Jaime and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Couples Resort Tower Isle and are saving money for a return visit in the near future. I just want to give you all some facts as to why we absolutely loved the resort.

-The resorts is truly all inclusive with no hidden fees. There is also a no tipping policy so what you see is what you pay.
-The room was very nice, nothing spectacular but best describe as comfortable. It was always clean with fresh towels and the mini bar was constantly stocked with anything we asked for.
-The room service was fast most of the time arriving to the room in under 10 minutes with exception of breakfast rush. The all-inclusive alcoholic drinks is awesome but can you leave you wanting breakfast in bed rather than wanting to walk down to the buffet.
-The staff was friendly and always willing to help you with whatever you needed. Very polite and knowledgable going the extra mile to make you feel special.
-The beach was kept clean and the resort offered many fun adventures free of charge including a catamaran cruise, discover scuba diving, snorkeling and more.
-The food was delicious despite might you may assume from an all-inclusive resort. It was like I was eating at a 5 star restaurant.

I hope you all enjoyed the blog and if you get a chance, save up and take a vacation with your spouse. It’s good to always reconnect, relax and spend time stress free with person you love most in the world!

A parting story:
Jaime and I were enjoying a cocktail on the balcony when we had a surprise call from Hobson (my mother in law) and our daughter. Sienna was being super cute and being the proud father that I am leaned over the closest person and said that’s my daughter as my wife put the camera on the random gentleman. The gentleman waved bye before the wife and I hung up the call. He complimented our daughter and then shared about his family and experience as a father. This is when I got a surprise. One of our host came over and introduced the man, who that second I would find out is one of the owners of the Couples Resorts. I was shocked and let me tell you why. I have met a lot of successful people in my life through my travels and adventures. Based on the amount of success certain individuals carry themself in a way that can be very uninviting. They use their success as sort of an entitlement if not a way to establish dominance over you. They want you to know all about it and aren’t afraid to show it. I’m sure all of you have met someone like this. Anyways, to my point, this gentleman WAS NOT like that at all. He didn’t know who I was at before he looked at my daughter on skype and waved. He was a very warm, inviting, polite individual without a hint of any ego. It was refreshing to meet someone as successful as him who was sincere in caring, even for just a second about someone he had never met before. It wasn’t just us who he treated this way, it was every individual he encountered. That says a lot about someone and the level of service and treatment you receive is a direct reflection of leadership of the owners.