So I am heading to church today Grace North County Church in Oceanside. Shawn is one of the pastor’s and he knows how to preach. For all my friends in Los Angeles check out Reality LA. I love this Church and it is exactly what Los Angeles needs. I can not wait to attend there. A little information on me, I have stated I was Christian for a long time, however I did not chose to walk the straight path and truly follow God’s word until I was blessed with my wife. She totally changed my life and led me to become close to God. If you have any questions about it, I am probably not the best person to ask, however I can point you in the right direction and believe me when I say God has a plan for you. You just have to commit your life to Him. Being a Christian is not easy, you will be tested, tempted, ridiculed and persecuted for your beliefs and moral fortitude. However, you will find so much fulfillment in life, and an answer to all your questions. They will not come to you that quick, you must truly seek Him and when you do, you will find Him and your life will be changed forever.

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