Church Today : )

Today Pastor Shawn talked about understand God’s will and knowing what “door” or opportunity to take when God gives it you. I needed that for sure! My life is obviously pretty crazy right now and I find myself asking what is God’s will for me and my family? Pastor Shawn made it clear to follow God’s moral will and His sovereign will which will the keep you on track for following His will. So far God has blessed my life immensely even though I am the last to deserve it. I think I will just trust in Him, keep doing what I am doing, and be thankful for all He has given me. My wife, my healthy baby and my family and friends.

I currently attend Grace North Country Church Oceanside, CA. When my wife and I visit Los Angeles we attend Reality Los Angeles and absolutely love it there. Growing up I attended First Church Of Christ Hebron, KY. All these are great Christian churches. They are non-denominational and preach from the bible and not interpretation. So please check them out and have a blessed day!


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