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Hi everyone!
Today Pastor Shawn at Grace North County gave an amazing sermon about the doors God opens and what plans he has for you in life and how to know what that is. He put a lot in perspective about the path we take and choose to follow and how that led us to where we are now. He explains how God uses that to prepare you for what He had planned you since before you were created. If God gave you all the information about what He had planned for you, you would run right to it and miss out on lessons learned and even possibly fail because you missed out on those lessons. So take your past experiences and learn from them and realize sometimes the trials and tribulations we face are not necessarily God’s doing, but the path our free will led us down. However, God uses these experiences and allows them to shape us for our future and what the blessing HE has planned for us should we put our faith in Him.

If you were in LA I hope you checked out Reality LA!
If you are looking for a good church check these out. Reality ChurchesGrace International  and my hometown church of choice is First Church of Christ.

If you are wondering I am Christian, non denominational. If you have a great church I’d love to support it on here but I would have to listen to sermons to make sure it is the type of church that gives the right message. It is important for people to receive the Word of God as is, and not through interpretation.  This may offend some people but I like to keep it real : ).

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