Base Line Test

So I want to start out by saying that I am not in the best physical condition compared to the ELITE CrossFit athletes. I, however can hold my own. I qualified and participated in the CrossFit Asia Regional during my combat deployment to Afghanistan and I choked there on my hand stand push ups and 225 hang power cleans. It was an excellent experience and I hope to qualify for SoCal next year should I have adequate time to train.

My strengths are any cardio based and body weight based workouts with olympic lifting and heavy powerlifting being my weak points. I am also doing my best to improve myself as a person, husband, father, friend christian and athlete.  Down this road you will have to be very CRITICAL of yourself. Know your strengths and continue to work on them, be honest about your weaknesses and then attack them. You can do anything your put your mind to, and remember that showing up to a work out or stepping into your gym and committing is half the work and generally the hardest part. With that said welcome to my blog. I will mainly post work outs but also updates on what is going on with my life or whatever I am thinking. I will do most of these myself and attempt to post a video. So please feel free to tell me how you did on the work out and post a video of doing it.

Before you start jumping into these workouts we need a base line for where you at with your fitness level. You need to be honest, there is no one judging you. With that said don’t cheat a rep, or think you are just having a bad day. Take it for what it is and realize that you will be improving upon these numbers.

So first do a real quick warm up.

Warm Up:

800M run or 800m row (This is not for time)

You should do D.R.O.M’s (Dynamic Range of Motion) stretches.

CrossFit Paradiso DROM video

2 Rounds

2 X 25 yard lunges

2 X 25 yard high knee

2 X 25 yard karoke/tapioca

With a PVC pipe

1 round

10 X pass through

10 X overhead squats

10 X squat w/pass through


Physical Base Line Test

400M Run

Rest 2 min

Max Pull Ups(If you are unable to do pull ups that is quite alright)

Rest 60 sec

2 min max push ups(women can scale to their knees or on a box)

Rest 60 sec

2 min max sit ups (follow ROM sit ups, pulling through and touching your toes)

rest 60 sec

1 min max box jumps(height should be appropriate for ability. 24″ is RX’d but DO NOT hurt yourself)

rest 60 sec

– These are all the BASIC calisthenics and will give just a simple base line for your capability. This is the same for everyone, make sure you write these numbers down and keep track of them. If your interested in finding out what some good numbers are for this please post a comment. If you are curious to what the  standards are for these basic movements please once again post a comment. A follow on post will be about how we are going to use these numbers and how to help scale workouts if you are unable to do these.



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