30September2012 CrossFit Uncensored & Lurong Living

Today was awesome! Hands down great day! I had the most amazing workout with some truly awesome people. Jaime, Sienna and I went to CrossFit Uncensored in Lake Elisnore, CA to hang out with Faith a.k.a and Danny from Lurong Living! Scott and Kevin the trainers at CrossFit Uncensored were great! They warmed the class up, got us set up and then let the pain begin! Danny and I went side by side and let me tell you, he killed it! We both went unbroken on the wall balls and were pretty close on the pulls up but he pulled away in the first round on the double unders. I was impressed! Later in the third round Scott passed up Danny for the top time. Real inspiration happened later when one of CrossFit Uncensored members who is taking part in the
Lurong Living Paleo Challenge killed the work out “Christine”. He put his heart and soul into the work out. It was great! Anyways, if you aren’t taking Lurong Living you need too! Check out the website for all the amazing benefits it has to offer and just because your not enrolled in the challenge doesn’t mean you can’t follow their program and standards! So without me talking too much, here is the workout for today and I’ll even throw Christine on the page so you can do it!
CrossFit Uncensored

Warm Up:
400m Run/500m Row/800m BIKE
Jump Rope X 5 minutes
10 High Knee
10 Lunges
10 Frankenstein Walk
10 Scorpions

Weight Training: Lucky you – NONE –

Work Out: 50/35/20
Wall Ball
Pull Ups
Double Unders (150/105/60 single unders)

If your feeling froggy, LEAP!

3 Rounds
500m Row
12 Body Weight Deadlift
21 Box Jumps 24′

Cool Down:
400m Run/500m Row/800m Bike
Static Stretching
Rollout with Foam Roller/Lacrosse Ball
Ice Down Sore Joints

POST WOD Lurong Living

Lurong Living

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