15September 2012 “The Art of Marriage”

Huge day with family yesterday! My wife and I finished going to “The Art of Marriage”. It was an amazing seminar. It gave us two days, just 6 hours to really ensure our foundations were set in God, and where our priorities should be. It really made me reassess myself as a husband and how I could better myself for my wife and my daughter. It is amazing how easy it is to actually be a good husband. It takes a lot of work, don’t get my wrong, but it’s easy. It simply comes down to loving unconditionally, listening, caring, supporting and putting your wife and family before yourself. Yes, some women are high maintenance and I get that. However, most women just want an hour of your time and full attention and most often times it’s easy for husbands to blame their wives, but in fact they have assessed their own actions. Instead of saying she doesn’t do this or that, which may be true, just ask how you can help her or lead her. It gave great insight and showed me what I need to work on to be a better husband.

So if your going to get married, are married or have a troubled marriage I recommend going with an open heart and mind and spending 6-7 hours please check out .

I hope everyone enjoyed this Rest Day today!

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  • Rhonda C

    I agree. Those types of seminars are very helpful. A few years ago, my husband and I attended one about the 5 Love Languages. It is great for teaching you how to communicate with each other. Marriage is a lot of work (partly) because men and women communicate differently and sometimes we do not even realize it. After implementing lessons learned at the seminar, it made things a lot easier.

    I will check to see if “The Art of Marriage” is offered in our town. That one sounds good also. Thanks for the info.

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